How to get started

How do you get started?  Start with a quote.  A quote will provide you the necessary information to consider your options.  The process is fairly straight forward.  You can click on the links here or the ones shown at the top menu under 'Get a Free Quote'.  Homeowners, Auto, and Life Insurance quotes are fast, free, and easy to do.

Once you've completed your quote, one of our highly trained agents will contact you to answer any of your questions, fill in any missing information, and make sure he/she completely understands your unique situation so he/she may provide you with the best quote possible.

This is where InsureUse really sets itself apart from the competition.  Your agent will then look at your unique needs and situation, and work with our large network of insurance providers to find the perfect product for you at the best possible price.  Some of the considerations he/she will also consider will be renewal terms, payment options, and industry track record for great customer service.

Once you have decided with your agent what will work best for you, he/she will help you complete the process and make sure you have all of the needed documentation and information.

The entire process can take place in under an hour, but speed is not our primary goal.  We would rather take our time, get you the information you need, and make sure you have the best product at the best value.  The technology InsureUse continues to invest in allows your agent to be focused on you.  We have a powerful system that will provide fast, accurate information back to you and your agent.  Your agent will set clear expectations with you for how long the process will take, and make sure you are covered when you need to be covered.

We are here for you.  If you have more questions please feel free to call or email.  We are more than happy to assist and can't wait to show you why being family owned, family operated, family driven is the best way to earn your business!