The idea and mission behind InsureUse is simple: provide insurance like you are one of the family.  Our roots are focused on the startup mentality of leveraging technology for growth and scale, providing exceptional customer service, and pushing the status quo out of the way as we invent a better way to serve our family of clients.  Up til now, you have had to choose between small independent insurance agents that have a limited focus, or go with one of the big guys that see you as a number.  Our goal at InsureUse is to provide the best of both worlds with providing the right product at the best price possible.

We work with a network of over 100 insurance providers to make sure our clients' rates are competitive.  We evaluate your needs, provide the right guidance so you can make an informed decision.  We want you to be happy, understand what you are getting, be well protected, and of course, get the best value for your hard earned money.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Get started today with a free quote for homeowners, auto, and/or life insurance.  Let InsureUse show you why being family owned, family operated, and family driven is your best choice!